First project of New year 2016

Happy New year! It’s almost middle of January. I spend very busy end of year. I’m done most of my to do list within 2015. I finished triangle sweater and it took over 4 months. It’s not easy to knit garment used fingering weight yarn. But result is beautiful. I promised to my friend that I will finish knit sample and write pattern within 2015. But, I didn’t write pattern yet. I’m still looking for right buttons for this. So, it’s delay to end of this season.

I’m working on KAL with few friends through Kakaotalk. We chat and share our pictures and ideas even mistakes. We bought the pattern titled engineered seams sweater by Jodi Brien. Some of them finished their own sweater already and making second one. I’m little bit late. Due date id end of Feb. So, I’m trying to take it easy to knit. Because I have to do other things, too like sending submissions, writing patterns… My friends and I, we called this sweater 쭈구리 (chugurie aka wringkly)


I don’t built huge resolution for 2016. Just I wish I would love to be friendly person to friends and family. Try to remember their special days like birthday, or send a card in right time. The other plan is making a pair of socks every month. First pair of socks is for my D’Arcy. He always love socks I made. But he has huge feet. So, I didn’t make enough for him. Very simple socks used self strip pattern yarn. I’m sure he will like it.



I will knit sock for a while tonight. Happy Knitting!

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