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  1. Having problems doing edging on Larkspur Shawl. Are rows supposed to be knit all the way across? Is pattern knit from right to left or left to right?

  2. Hi Maria I am making the vellum cardigan from interweave knits spring 2015. I am stumped. I am on the left side. The schematic for the pattern says knit 12 rows and then break off yarn (6 in seed, 3 increase + 3 plain rows) The schematic says that the width is 16 inches. I don tip understand how it gets to be that width? Can you help? Thank you. Clarice

    • Hello Clarice,

      12 rows of left side is just a part of underarm. You should work right side and then work from right to left across the back neck later.

      Happy Knitting!

  3. I’m trying to purchase the Art Deco Fan Shawl and the system in place isn’t working. Is there another way to purchase this pattern?

    • Hello Deborah,
      I’m sure you got the pattern already because I just left reply on your message in Ravelry. I just got home from vacation. Sorry to late answer.. Thanks! MaRiA

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