Celtic Duke: Sanquhar gloves in duke pattern with Celtic Cross

Finally, I have been upload Celtic duke pattern on my Ravelry store. Maybe It was almost 3 years ago. I made sanquhar gloves for D’Arcy’ birthday. He wanted to put Celtic cross on the back of hand because his last name is Cross. I tried to accept all his request and it turns fingerless gloves in duke pattern with Celtic cross. It was my first sanquhar project and still he loves it. But, it’s bit unsatisfied to me.

Last winter, 3 years later since I made my first sanquhar, some of the members in online KAL group start talking about sanquhar pattern. When they were mentions gloves I made, it looks unique and something different. I started to make my gloves. I changed a bit of construction from traditional sanquhar gloves pattern. I change height of little finger and tried to avoid gaps on adjoin fingers. Celtic knots around cross is clear then first one, etc…

I’ve got help from 5 amazing knitters. They knitted total 6 pairs of Celtic duke with two different weight yarn in two language English and Korean.

Upload this pattern on 22nd and It’s on sale 40% off until end of Feb in Eastern Time. Cupon code is GODUKE. Pattern page is here.

Celtic duke is Sanquhar gloves in duke pattern with Celtic cross. 
Got inspiring from the last name of Cross Family and heritage.

40% off until end of Feb, 2019. 
Promotion code is GODUKE.


  • The Duke pattern is from one of the traditional Sanquhar gloves. The basic Sanquhar glove pattern was created almost a century ago. The design is improved to include a Celtic Cross on the back of the hand and avoids a gap(hole) in the adjoining fingers.
  • Gauge is important if you want to get fitted size for your hand. please be patient to check correct gauge.
  • Conductive thread is for touch screens of your tablet or mobile device. It’s optional.

7 (7.5, 8, 8.5, 9)” / 17.5 (19, 20.5, 21.5, 23) cm. 
Shown size is 7.5”/ 19cm hand all around.

50g/±400yds of each colour of Lace weight or 100g/±420yds of each colour of Fingering weight. 
Sample yarn is Knit Picks Stroll Tonal Sock Yarn (75% Fine Superwash Merino, 25% Nylon;100g/ 472yds) MC Pansy 45g/212yds, CC Bare 35g/165yds. 
Suggest lace weight yarn for smaller size from 7 – 8”/17.5 – 20.5cm and fingering weight yarn for larger size from 8 – 9”/ 20.5 – 23cm. It’s personal taste to choose yarn weight. But, it’s not easy to handle ticker yarn with size 0000 – 00 needles.

Size 0000 (000, 00, 0, 1)/1.25 (1.5, 1.75, 2.0, 2.25) mm.

25 (23, 21.5, 20.5, 19) sts in 2”/5cm.

art deco fan shawl

ⓒ SvetlanaTomina

ⓒ SvetlanaTomina

I made a cozy shawl very cold winter almost 4 years ago used 3 skeins of Knit Picks Chroma worsted weight yarn. I got inspired from art deco wallpaper and even yarn color was perfect with mixture different tones of purple and blue. I named it art deco fan shawl and took photos. Lovely friend Kaylee helped me as a model. I gifted my first art deco fan shawl to her and her mom.

Many knitters love this shawl last 4 years. It wasn’t mega hit item like famous designer’s one. It was slowly but steadily popular within northern European knitters.
I know there were KAL within Icelandic knitter’s group and I have been whole sale this pattern twice to them.
Strange things are happen since last weekend. It’s selling out quite often last few days. I’m seriously worried that what’s going on my ravelry store. But It’s good news for indie designer like me at the same time.
Maybe it’s a good timing to re-knit art deco fan shawl for myself. Maybe I could update my pattern better version. I just ordered new yarn for this.

I deleted my older blog. Also all my post is gone. I would love to rewrite about art deco fan shawl here in my new blog under my name.

First two pictures from SvetlanaTomin on Ravelry.  She made beautiful art deco fan shawls. I sent photo request to her and waiting her permit to add Photos on my design page. Hope she don’t mind.


This is a shawl inspired by art deco wallpaper. Each fan (aka shell) has 9.5”/24cm width and 5.25”/13.5cm depth. Also each fan used 21yd (10.7g) of lovely worsted yarn Knitpicks Chroma. It’s easy to make larger if you wish.

Here are few answers for questions.
This is a bottom up shawl.
It has total 7 motif lines from bottom to top.
Not a seamless shawl. But, it doesn’t need to sew the seam later, too.
Make first fan than, pick up and built another fans.
Suggest cable CO and add some tutorial pic about cable CO and Purl cable CO on the pattern. But it’s okay to use any kind of CO whatever you would love to do.

art deco wall papers

art deco color

I suggest strongly woolen single ply yarn for this shawl. If you have to use light  weight yarn, please do not grade pattern. Just add fan motif  line on the top. Ravelry pattern page is here.

I’m having a plan to use Knitpicks Chroma Worsted weight Drawing room. 

rain cloud

This is my new design rain cloud. I just want to use them all of my left over yarn. I made fingering version earlier. This cowl trio has two different reverse funnel version and single infinite version in one pdf file. It’s been a long time since I upload indie pattern in Ravelry. I was confusing and it took over an hour to upload. Pattern page is here. This is very useful and cozy item in this late fall through winter.

오랫만에 인디 패턴을 업로드 했습니다. 어찌나 오랫만이던지 업로드 하면서 한참을 헤맸어요. 전엔 어떻게 했었지? 하면서. 소량의 실로 만들기 좋은 요즘 딱 어울릴만한 카울 삼총사 입니다. 도안하나에 세가지 버전이 들어 있으니 취향대로 골라 만들면 될거예요. 🙂 늦가을을 지나 겨울로 가는 길목에 꽤 포근하고 유용한 아이템입니다.


$5.50 USD

buy now

Finished size
One size & 3 different variations to fit an average adult neck.
Infinite worsted
10”/ 25cm tall, 30”/76cm circumferences.
Reverse funnel fingering
10”/ 25cm tall, 22”/56cm circumferences at upper edge, & 33”/84cm circumference at lower edge.
Reverse funnel worsted
11”/ 28cm tall, 26”/64cm circumferences at upper edge, & 38”/96.5cm circumference at lower edge.

Infinite worsted
MC Knit Picks Croma Worsted (70% Super wash wool, 30% Nylon; 198yards/100g) Natural 1 skein.
CC Knit One, Crochet too Paint box (100% wool; 100yards/50g) Blue Spruce 1 skein.
Reverse funnel fingering
MC Knit Picks Croma Fingering (70% Super wash wool, 30% Nylon; 396yards/100g) Weather vane 1 skein.
CC Knit Picks Croma Fingering (70% Super wash wool, 30% Nylon; 396yards/100g) Sandstone 1 skein.
Reverse funnel worsted
MC Knit Picks Croma Worsted (70% Super wash wool, 30% Nylon; 198yards/100g) Grey 1 skein.
CC Knit Picks Croma Worsted (70% Super wash wool, 30% Nylon198yards/100g) Fossil 1 skein.

US size 7 (4.5mm); US size 8 (5.00mm) for worsted weight, US size 2 (3.00mm); Us size 4 (3.50mm) for fingering weight.
Adjust needle size to obtain the correct gauge.

Tapestry needle, Marker

Fingering weight 22sts and 28 rows = 4”/10cm in color work pattern on larger needle.
Worsted weight 18sts and 23 rows = 4”/10cm in color work pattern on larger needle.

rain-cloud-02 rain-cloud-03 rain-cloud-04

Susie Rogers’ Reading Mitts Korean Ver.

This is a Korean version of Susie Roger’s Reading Mitts. Susie published this pattern on Dancing Ewe Yarns few years ago. The original version is no longer available. She updated her beautiful mitts with 3 different sizes. Here‘s a link of the English version of  Reading Mitts.

I translated the English pattern to Korean. But, Susie’s holing the copyright of all text and photos.  This is a free pattern. Please do not use this pattern commercially.  Do not translate and re-write to a different format without the designer’s permission.

이 도안은 수지 로저스의 독서장갑(Reading Mitts)의 한국어 버전입니다. 몇해전 Dancing Ewe Yarns에서 출간 되었습니다만 오리지날 버전은 더이상 다운로드 할수가 없습니다. 디자이너는 이 아름다운 장갑을 3가지 사이즈로 업데이트 했고 레이블리/Ravelry에서 영문을 비롯한 3가지 언어로 다운로드 가능합니다.

저는 영문버전을 한글로 번역했습니다. 번역된 모든 언어 텍스트와 사진의 저작권은 원작자인 수지 로저스에게 속해 있습니다. 이 도안은 무료도안입니다. 어떤 상업적 이용도 하지 말아야 하겠으며, 원작자의 허락이 없는 다른언어로의 번역이나 다른포맷(차트화같은)으로 재 작성을 해서도 안됩니다.

수지 로저스의 독서 장갑


© susie rogers

사이즈 여성 소 (중, 대)

실 소요량 DK(더블니팅) 굵기의 실 약 200야드(185m)

사용 실 흰색 캐스케이드 클라우드 109, 빨간색 베로코 울트라 알파카

사용 바늘 US사이즈5 (3.75mm) 장갑바늘 1셋트

부자재 자투리 실, 스티치 마커, 돗바늘

게이지 원통으로 사방 1인치 (2.54cm)내 메리야스 뜨기5.5코


레이스 스티지 패턴

라운드 1 안뜨기.

라운드 2 겉뜨기.

라운드 3 안뜨기,

라운드 45 겉뜨기.

라운드 6 [바늘비우기, 모아뜨기] 반복.

라운드 78 겉뜨기.

라운드 9 안뜨기.

라운드 10 겉뜨기.

라운드 11 안뜨기.


패턴 (도안)

장갑 바늘로 42 (48, 54)코를 잡습니다. 균등하게 코를 나눠 장갑 바늘에 옮깁니다. 스티치 마커를 단(라운드) 시작부분에 걸고 코가 꼬이지 않도록 주의 합니다.

겉뜨기를 4라운드 합니다.

다음 라운드 (접는 단 혹은 햄) [바늘비우기, 모아뜨기] 반복.

겉뜨기를 4 라운드 합니다.

줄임 라운드 [겉뜨기4, 모아뜨기] 반복. 35 (40, 45)코 남습니다.

레이스 스티치 패턴라운드 1부터 11을 한번 합니다. 다음에는 메리야스뜨기를 5인치(13cm) 혹은 원하는 길이만큼 합니다.


엄지 거싯(삼각 이음새)

라운드 1 마지막 1코 남기고 죽 겉뜨기, 두번째 마커를 걸어 줍니다. 마커 사이에 코만들기1, 겉뜨기1, 코만들기1을 합니다.

라운드 23 겉뜨기.

라운드 4 첫번째 마커까지 겉뜨기(이때 건 순서로는 두번째 이지만 진행 순서로는 첫번째인 마커를 말합니다.) 하고, 마커를 걸러뜨기 한 뒤, 코만들기1, 다음 마커까지 겉뜨기, 코만들기1, 마커를 걸러뜨기 합니다.

라운드 2부터 4까지 3라운드를 3 (4, 5)번 더 반복합니다. 마커와 마커 사이에 각 11 (13, 15) 코가 엄지를 위해 만들어 졌습니다. 마커는 제 위치에 그대로 두고 코를 균등하게 장감바늘에 잘 나눠 옮겨서 다음 작업이 수월하도록 합니다.



첫번째 마커까지 겉뜨기 한 뒤, 마커를 뺍니다. 다음 11 (13, 15)코를 자투리 실에 옮깁니다. 1코를 감아 만들고, 다시 원통으로 이어줍니다. 이때 라운드를 구분해주는 두번째 마커는 빼지 않고 제 위치에 그대로 둡니다. 35 (40, 45)코가 남아 있습니다.

겉뜨기를 1/2 인치(약 1.3cm) 해줍니다.

레이스 스티치 패턴라운드 1부터 11을 한번 합니다.

겉뜨기를 4라운드 합니다,

다음 라운드 (접는 단 혹은 햄) [바늘비우기, 모아뜨기] 반복,

겉뜨기를 4 라운드 한뒤 코막음 합니다.

노트– 사이즈 소와 대의 경우 레이스 스티치 패턴 라운드 6에서 마지막에 3코가 남습니다. 이때 마지막 3코를 모아 뜬 뒤, 라운드 7에서 한 코를 만들어 코 수를 맞춰줍니다.



자투리실에 걸어 두었던 11 (13, 15)코를 장갑바늘에 옮깁니다.

새 실을 걸어 손(핸드)를 뜰 때 감아 만들어준 1코에서 코를 주워(픽업) 겉뜨기 해줍니다. 12 (14, 16)코가 되었습니다. 마커를 걸어 라운드를 구분해 줍니다.

겉뜨기를 1/2인치 (약 1.3cm) 합니다.

라운드 1 안뜨기.

라운드 2 겉뜨기.

라운드 3 안뜨기.

라운드 4 겉뜨기.

코막음 합니다.



햄을 밖에서 안으로 접어(접는 단) 돗바늘로 안쪽에서 꿰매고, 실 가닥을 감춰 정리 합니다.


이해를 돕기 위한 약어설명

+모아뜨기는 영문도안의 K2tog을 말합니다. 왼쪽 2코 모아뜨기와 같습니다.

+평면으로 뜰 때의 Row/단을 원통으로 뜰때에는 Round/ 라운드라고 합니다.

+Hem/햄 의류나 소품에서 아랫단을 햄이라고 합니다.

+거싯 원래는 겨드랑이나 엄지 같은곳에 움직임이 편하도록 삼각형이나 마름모꼴 모양으로 덧대는 천조각을 말합니다. Gusset이라 쓰고 거싯 혹은 게셋 이라고 합니다.

+노트에서의 3코 모아뜨기는 세코중 첫코를 걸러뜨기한뒤, 두번째 세번째코를 모아뜨고(=K2tog) 걸러뜨기한 첫코를 모아뜬 코에 덮어 씌워 3코를 1코가 되도록 하는 것을 말합니다. 오른쪽 3코 모아뜨기와 같습니다.


© susie rogers


Larkspur Shawl

This is my newest design for Interweave Knits, Summer 2015.

Preview of Interweave Knits Summer 2015 is uploaded almost two months before season. I spend difficult time to figure it out my internet connection problems and had to delete former posts. Since I got this domain ‘marialeigh.net’, I didn’t write up post much. So,I just lost under 20 posts.

ⓒInterweave Knits

About Larkspur shawl, it’s garter base shawl has crescent shape with simple garter lace edging inspired from wild flowers on the field. It’s top down shawl and it means this shawl has over 300 CO stitch numbers. But, here’s a small tip. Edging has multiple of 10 repeats. If you want to make larger or smaller size shawl, easily add or except multiple of 10 stitch numbers when you start cast on.

ⓒInterweave Knits

ⓒInterweave Knits

I did image googling for Larkspur. Delphinium is another name of this beautiful flowers. Korean name of this flower has cute meaning. it’s little hood of swallow.


The Larkspur Shawl is a narrow top-down crescent shaped with simple short-rows—no need to hide the wraps in garter stitch. A perpendicular garter lace edging is worked across the bottom.

Finished Size 55” wide and 16” deep.

Yarn Berroco Folio (65% superfine alpaca, 35% rayon; 219 yd 200 m/1¾ oz 50 g): #4558 cardinal, 3 skeins.

Needles Size 5 (3.75 mm): 24” circular (cir). Adjust needle size if necessary to obtain the correct gauge.

Notions Tapestry needle.

Gauge 22 sts and 42 rows = 4” in garter st.

Here‘s a Ravelry page of Larkspur Shawl.

이숄은 2015년 인터위브 니츠 여름호에 수록된 저의 최신 디자인입니다.

2015년 인터위브 니츠 여름호는 여름이 시작되기 약 2달전에 이미 프리뷰가 업로드 되었습니다. 인터넷연결하고 글을 작성하는데 문제가 있어 지난 몇개의 포스트를 삭제한 뒤에야 새 글을 올릴수 있게 되었습니다. 이 새로운 도메인 ‘marialeigh.net’을 가지게 된 이후 사실 포스팅을 그리 많이 하지 않아 잃어버린것이 20개 정도임이 다행이랄까요.

락스퍼 숄의 이야기로 돌아가서, 가터스티치가 기본이 되는 심플한 이 숄은 들판의 야생화헤서 영감을 얻은 가터 레이스 에징으로 마무리 되어 있습니다. 탑 다운 이라 자그마치 300이 넘는 수의 시작코를 자랑하지요. 에징은 10의 배수로 되어 있기 때문에 숄의 사이즈를 줄이거나 늘리고 싶다면 10의 배수만큼 늘리거나 줄여 코를 잡으면 됩니다.

락스퍼가 뭘까? 하고 구글링을 해봤는데 델피니움이라고 하는 예쁜 꽃이더군요. 카달로그에서 많이 봤는데 한글로는 참제비 고깔이라는 귀여운 이름을 가지고 있습니다.

Medalion Blouse

It’s almost end of April. My shoulders are getting better and I’m ready to knit again.
Preview of Interweave summer, 2015 is up a couple days ago. I have to write up something on my blog hurry.
I’m so lucky to show two of my designs on the knit.purl S/S issue. Introduced Labyrinth cardigan already and It’s time to talk about Medallion blouse. I got inspiration about this garment from insect. Especially beetle.
This blouse has very unique shape. Back width is larger than front. Also, Back armhole depth is deeper than front.
Suggest over 10″ positive ease for your bust size. I’m sure it has very comfortable fit.


ⓒInterweave Knits



ⓒInterweave Knits


ⓒInterweave Knits

Finished Size 48 (52, 56, 60½)” bust circumference. Blouse shown measures 48″, modeled with 14″ of positive ease.

Yarn Knit Picks Comfy Worsted (75% pima cotton, 25% acrylic; 109 yd [100 m]/1¾ oz [50 g]): #24797 doe, 8 (8, 9, 10) skeins. Yarn distributed by Crafts Americana.

Needles Size 6 (4 mm): straight and 16″ circular (cir). Adjust needle size if necessary to obtain the correct gauge.

Notions Markers (m); removable m; stitch holders; tapestry needle.

Gauge 18 sts and 25 rows = 4″ in St st.

A charted lace pattern makes a medallion at the neck of this pullover, while the extra-wide back creates ruching at the shoulder seams. The overall look is retro, yet sophisticated.

Labyrinth cardigan

I’m back! 🙂 I was so quiet last two months. I have a pain on my right lower shoulder since I was a little girl. It was no big deal and I knew how to deal with it. But, pain came back to me again and I needed to time to take care of myself.
It was peaceful and lazy vacation from all crafty things.
I feel much better. I can’t wait to hold yarn and needle on my hands anymore.
Also I would love to show my newest design titled Labyrinth cardigan in knit.purl magazine.

ⓒInterweave Knits


ⓒInterweave Knits


ⓒInterweave Knits


ⓒInterweave Knits


Finished Size 30 (32 ½ , 36, 39)” bust circumference, buttoned. Cardigan shown measures 30″, modeled with 4″ of negative ease.

Yarn Fibra Natura Good Earth (53% cotton, 47% linen; 204 yd [187 m]/3½ oz [100 g]): #103 desert, 8 (8, 9, 10) skeins. Yarn distributed by Universal Yarn.

Needles Size 6 (4 mm): 32″ circular (cir) and set of double-pointed (dpn). Adjust needle size if necessary to obtain the correct gauge.

Notions Markers (m); stitch holders; tapestry needle; 7 (7, 7, 8) 1 1/8” buttons.

Gauge 23 sts and 29 rows = 4″ in Rib and Welt patt.

Worked in one piece to the armholes, this jacket features an allover maze-like pattern of knits and purls that creates ribs and welts across the fabric. The effect on gauge is intriguing. Because the fabric behaves much like a rib, choose a size with negative ease.

I will be back with my onother design. Happy Knitting!

Rheya Cardigan

ⓒInterweave Knits, Haper Point

Rheya cardigan, this is another my design for Interweave Knits, Spring 2015 with Velum cardigan. I used very thin yarn and thin needles also. It needs a lots of endurance and the result is always pleased. Preview page is here. It’s available digital download only at the Interweave store now. Physical release is in February 17th. Ravelry Design page is here.

I suggested yellowgreen for MC and rubyred for CC. I made sample swatch used those colour. Here are some of options for colour variations for this delicate lacy cardigan.


ⓒInterweave Knits, Haper Point

ⓒInterweave Knits, Haper Point

Designer Maria Leigh

Finished Size 34½ (38½, 42½, 46½, 50½)” bust circumference, buttoned. Cardigan shown measures 34½”, modeled with ½” of positive ease.

Yarn Cascade Yarns Heritage Solids (75% superwash merino wool, 25% nylon; 437 yd 400 m/3½ oz 100 g): #5643 sunflower (MC), 4 (4, 4, 5, 5) skeins; #5652 mustard (CC), 1 skein.

Needles Size 2 (2.75 mm): 32” circular (cir) and set of double-pointed (dpn). Adjust needle size if necessary to obtain the correct gauge.

Notions Markers (m); stitch holders; tapestry needle; ten ½” buttons.

Gauge 37 sts and 39 rows = 4” in lace patt, relaxed; 28 sts and 42 rows = 4” in lace patt, stretched.

A leaf lace corrugated with purl ribs makes a fabric that hugs curves. TheRheya Cardigan focuses on fit throughout—the set-in sleeve is worked in the round, then divided for the cap. Narrow shoulders and waist-shaping complete the tailored look.

Velum Cardigan

I would love to introduce my newest design Velum Cardigan, Interweave Knits, Spring 2015. Preview is just upload this afternoon. Total two designs picked by Editor for this issue. Another is Rheya Cardigan. I had to use thin needles and thin yarn for both delicate projects. It’s so happy to meet them on the Megazine. Can’t wait to get a copy. It’s available digital download only at the Interweave store now. Physical release is in February 17th. Ravelry Design page is here.

Velum Cardigan Leigh1

ⓒ Interweave Knits, Haper Point

Velum Cardigan Leigh

ⓒ Interweave Knits, Haper Point

Velum Cardigan Leigh2

ⓒ Interweave Knits, Haper Point

Designer Maria Leigh

Finished Size 40½ (44½, 49, 53)” bust circumference. Cardigan shown measures 40½”, modeled with 7½” of positive ease.

Yarn Brown Sheep Company Cotton Fleece (80% cotton, 20% merino wool; 215 yd [197 m]/3½ oz [100 g]): #CW-240 pink-a-boo, 9 (10, 12, 14) skeins.

Needles Size 3 (3.25 mm): 60″ circular (cir) and set of double-pointed (dpn). Adjust needle size if necessary to obtain the correct gauge.

Notions Marker (m); tapestry needle; stitch holder.

Gauge 20 sts and 34 rows = 4″ in Seed st.

The roomy Velum Cardigan is worked in one piece, beginning at the lower edge of the back. Once the back and fronts are worked, stitches for the edging are cast on and then worked in lace all around the body, joining the narrow lace band by picking up stitches along the body and decreasing the two pieces together.